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Comfy The Label™ Y2K Long Sleeve Crop Top

Comfy The Label™ Y2K Long Sleeve Crop Top

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  • Unlock your wardrobe with these alpine fleece-lined tights - designed to keep you warm in the frosty cold.
  • ✓ Soft Alpine Fleece Interior
  • ✓ Cozy Heat Insulation
  • ✓ Looks Just Like Sheer Tights

What Are Warm Winter Tights?

Comfy The Label's #1 Best Seller

Warm Winter Tights are special fleece-lined tights meant to be worn in cold weather. These tights are lined with premium Alpine fleece which insulates body heat and prevents cold air from penetrating the fabric.

It is meant to be worn comfortably all-day without snagging and gently hugs your curves to enhance natural body shape.


Lining: Alpine Fleece & Polyester Blend

Outer Layer: Spandex & Polyester

A Buttery-Soft Alpine fleece inner lining in combination with a durable, stretchy outer layer makes for the perfect pair of tights for cold weather.

Size Guide

We offer our tights in 2 sizes: Original & Plus-Size.

We recommend getting Original if you have a 25"-36" waist & Plus-Size if you have a waist above 37"

If you're in between Original & Plus-Size, we recommend getting Plus-Size as it will shrink to fit your natural body shape after a few washes.

Care Instructions

Our tights are durable and anti-tear, however, proper care will make our tights last a lifetime.

Washing Instructions:

Hand / machine wash using cold to warm water (we suggest 30°C/86°F maximum)

Ensure a gentle cycle is selected, if machine washing

Only use very mild detergents (approved for wool/ nylon)

Do not tumble dry

Avoid mixing with other colors

Do not iron

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We love our Comfy Tights and are 100% confident you will too! That's why we offer a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial on all orders. Love it or your money back guaranteed.

Who Doesn't Love Rocking A Crop Top?🔥

Get ready to fall in love with the Comfy The Label™ Y2K Long Sleeve Crop Top. If you're looking for the comfiest one yet, try out the Comfy The Label™ Y2K Long Sleeve Crop Top and create hype around the latest trends.

The Comfy The Label™ Y2K Long Sleeve Crop Top is an absolute dream to wear. Its soft fabric will keep you cozy and warm with an even cuter fit. Pair it with your favorite sweater or jacket for an added layer of warmth or wear it on its own for a relaxed look.

Get up on the latest fashion trends with the Comfy The Label™ today!

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No More Waiting To Wear Your Favorite Outfits.

Unlock your wardrobe in the cold weather! Layer on your favorite Skirts, Dresses and more while staying cozy warm in our Warm Winter Tights!

All-Day Comfort & Warmth.

Our soft Alpine fleece-lining insulates body heat while keeping the chilly air out - keeping you cozy and warm all-day long.

  • 1.) Special Heat Insulation

    Our special blend of Alpine fleece-lining insulates body heat while keeping the chilly cold air out.
  • 2.) Enhances Your Curves

    Composed of 21% Spandex, our tights will comfortably hug your curves to shape & compliment them.
  • 3.) Stand Out From The Rest

    You'll have other ladies guessing how you were able to wear your favorite skirt or dress without freezing in the cold.
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What Makes These Tights Special?

It's simple, unlike traditional sheer tights our Comfy Tights are buttery-soft, durable, & will keep you cozy & warm in the freezing cold.

  • Double-Fleece

    Our original fleece-lined tights with double the Alpine Fleece - perfect for maximum coziness and heat insulation to keep you comfy in the freezing cold.

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  • Micro-Fleece

    Perfect for layering, these Warm Winter Tights are lined with micro-fleece which makes it light-weight while still keeping you warm on chilly days.

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  • The Original

    Our original Comfy Tights - has the perfect ratio of Alpine Fleece to keep you warm on a harsh winter day & also lightweight enough to let you layer on your favorite clothes.

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Comfy Tights For Any Weather

We've got the perfect Comfy Tights to keep you cozy in any weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should I Choose?

We offer our tights in 2 sizes: Original & Plus-Size.

We recommend getting Original if you have a 25"-36" waist & Plus-Size if you have a waist above 37"

Will These Tights Really Protect Me Against The Cold?

Our tights have 220g of our premium fleece-lining material which is designed to insulate your body heat whilst preventing any cold air to penetrate your skin.

Our research has shown that these tights can withstand up to -5°C without any major loss to body heat insulation.

Can People See My Skin Through The Tights?

No! Our fleece-lining prevents anyone from seeing your real skin.

The "skin" that you see in our photos are from the faux-transparency effect that mimics a normal skin tone without showing any of your own.

Will The Shaping Effect Feel Too Tight & Uncomfortable?

Our tights will gently hug your overall curves to enhance the shape and natural curvature of your figure without feeling like it's cutting off your blood flow. You can wear these tights all day without any discomfort.

How Do I Wash My Tights?

We have a few tips to keep your tights nice and clean without over-shrinking.

1.) Do not wash at a temperature higher than 30°C (86°F)

2.) Let air dry after wash.

My Tights Fit Too Tight - Did I Buy The Wrong Size?

Our tights are partially made from spandex meaning that they will stretch naturally over time when wearing them.

It is natural for it to feel slightly too tight at first, but they will adapt to your natural curves within 3-4 uses.

Does CTL Offer A Customer Satisfaction Promise?


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your fleece tights, you can easily return it to us no questions asked for a full refund. Please use the contact form below or e-mail